About BBB

Even though we may not realize it, bees are an integral part of our ecosystem. In addition to honey and pollen, bees produce beeswax and honey bee venom. Unfortunately, human activities are putting bees at endangerment.

There has been a tail-off in the bee population worldwide in recent decades due to habitat loss, intensive farming practices, changing weather patterns, and pesticide overuse. This, in turn, poses a threat to various plants that are essential to human survival and well-being.

Due to the importance of bees, Our team has come up with the “BBB -Bring Back Bees” program to raise awareness of the plummet bee population by combining technology in apiculture as a means of making people understand the necessity of apiculture (bee farming) and allowing and enticing them to contribute meaningfully by purchasing a “BBB NFT.” In addition, this program raises supplemental income for farmers and beekeepers by extending rural employment.

our BBB genesis collection

BBB genesis is a collection of 33 cyber queen bees. First of all, these bees are the first special colonies called for this mission of setting up bee hive colonies in real life. Each of our subscribers will receive additional perks as an early adopter of BBB genesis, which will include receiving additional NFTs as a part of a future 333 BBB genesis launch that will take place only after the initial stage of the bee hive has been completed and has achieved its intended goals.