BBB's Vision

As bees are in extinction because of several human activities. We are here to make the awareness over the rapidly declining bee population by introducing technology in apiculture to make the people really understand the importance of this bee farming also to make them satisfied about their contribution by buying an BBB nft and increasing the employment opportunity in rural sector and thus enhancing the ancillary income of the beekeepers and farmers.

Why bees ?

Despite appearing as tiny insects, honeybees are essential to food production, wellness, and livelihood. In this way, bees offer a great deal of value to people and the environment. Therefore, bees need the finest approaches to remain thriving, and everyone must ensure they do so.

Friends of the Earth frequently appeal to save the bees - It’s most certainly been splattered all over the internet. But why do bees matter so much? The most straightforward response is that bees fertilize food crops. In addition, flying insects like bees and pollinators fertilize plants by pollinating them. Unfortunately, bee numbers are declining due to widespread pesticide use and other environmental issues such as climate change.